Picture of the HUD in gaia's Retailation.

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1. Character icon

  • This is your character icon, shows your character's items and its stats

2. Backpack icon

  • This is where your Backpack is, allowing for 6 extra items to be put into there (this is also the place where after lvl 30 you can spec talents)

3. Material bag icon

  • This is your material bag, it can only hold materials inside it

4. Gold

  • Shows your current gold

5. Mana Crystals

  • Shows your current Mana crystals

6. Quest tokens

  • Shows your current Quest tokens

7. Version

  • Shows the version you're currently playing on

17. Threat/dps tab (ignore the number)

  • 8. Attacker name
  • 9. in combat/ out of combat sign
    • sign is red if you're in combat, green if you're out of combat
  • 10. Threat percent/bar
    • the more red the bar is the more threat you will have (100% and more threat will cause the monsters to attack you)
  • 11. DPS
    • Shows your current damage per second

12. This alows you to switch between the threat/dps tab and stats tab

13. Skills 

  • this is where you can open your abilities tab and use rest

14. Your characters current inventory

  • Shows what in your current inventory (in you character inventory it shows what you have currently equipped, shows other items that are in other bags if you click on the bags in 1. 2. 3. there)

15. Your character

  • shows your characters HP/mana and other stats, also buffs/debuffs
    WC3ScrnShot 071913 122710 01

    Stats tab which you can choose through 12.

16. Minimap

  • shows you the Gaia's retaliation map (parts that you have discovered)
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this is where you can spec your talents