Gold is the primary currency used in Ankhmaron. Players can accumulate gold through a variety of sources such as Quests , Monsters or even selling various Items to Vendors .

The gold limit in gaias retaliation follows the standard Warcraft III limit of 1,000,000 gold. Reaching this limit is highly unlikely as it would take an extensive amount of time.

On death, players will lose a total of 1/5th their current gold, rounded up (<- confirm?)

Gold can be sourced by players in the following ways:

Defeating Monsters - The monsters found across the game map award various amounts of gold to players within a set radius of them (<- attempt to find exact mechanics) on death. The higher the level of the monster, the higher the bounty awarded. This table contains the amount of gold aquired on defeating various enemies. (Create Table from date)

Completeing Quests - Many Quests of the quests the player will encounter as they progress through the game award gold on completion. Higher level quests yield greater rewards but are often more challenging.

Selling Items to Vendors - Throughout the game, players will encounter items , usually in the form of drops from monsters . If the player finds no use for these items, they can be sold to vendors. Simply right click the item to pick it from your Inventory or Backpack , then click the vendor to sell it. The value of the item is listed in the top left hand corner of the items display box, underneath its name. (Image or video explaining process to people who've never even played wc3 before?). Certain items can also include Mana Crystals in their sell value. The following table shows the selling price for various items. (Table etc)