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Garena is a different program that allows users to connect with other players in a different way than You can use it for a variety of different games, and you can create a Group to make a small community of people to play with. People that usually use it are ones that can't connect to, have lag issues there, or play with their friends there.

You can download Garena here.

A list of groups and people that play Gaias Retaliation with Garena may be found here.

Setting Up a Game

In order to play using Garena you first need to join a room. Click the LAN tab on the side of the program. Then select the Game tab and select War3 RPG. There are various rooms that you can now join. You will be able to find Gaias Retaliation games in the room Europe RPG Room 8 (Vamprism Frozen World). After joining the room you need to make sure the settings are correct. So click on the cog next to the Start button. Make sure the correct path is set to the Executable Settings (C:\Program Files (x86)\Warcraft III\war3.exe), make sure the correct game is selected (War3 RPG), and you also may add a Gameboost Parameter such as -w to play in windowed mode. After all that you may press the start button. While in the game, press the Local Area Network tab to see the available games.

The Lobby

There are a few things you can do with the Garena lobby. You can use the public chat, add users, add users to your ban list (prevents players from joining your games), check ping, and tunnel users. If a player is lagging during a game it is recommended for the host to tunnel that player to try and fix the problem.

If you are trying to join a specific person's game, and you can't see said game in the lobby (this usually occurs if there is an X by the users name), then you can try and tunnel them. Right click the users name and click tunnel in the room. You should also have the user tunnel you too.

Creating and Joining a Group