In order to be able to properly play Gaias Retaliation, a player needs to have good manners. Players use the command -roll to determine who gets the item that dropped. If you just take the item, people will become angry at you. If you take an item that someone needs and you don't need it, that will let people know to not play with you.

Helping other players also helps to create a bigger community. The more players you help. the more players you will have to play with you. Helping players may seem boring at first, but later on it just may pay off because there will be more people to play with. Sometimes a player might even be nice and give up an item that he/she needs to someone else.

Co-operating with your team mates is very important. Nobody likes it when you don't listen to what they're trying to say. Yelling at your team mates doesn't solve anything either. If they make a mistake, help them to not make the same mistake again. Getting angry at them will only cause much more problems.