Attributes affect your characters abilities and survivalbility. There are many different ones that determine your characters strengths and weaknesses. Your characters main attribute is shown at the bottom of the screen in your characters stats information (it is a square picture). Consitution and Wisdom are other stats that are gained by spending a stat point in the Hero Abilities tab of your skills.

Note: When trying to calculate your stats, the base stat is refering to the amount of the stat you have without any skill points invested into the stat.

Attribute Information

  • Strength
    • Melee/Ranged Crit damage multiplier: 1.5 + (Str/[base Str] - 1) x 0.15
    • Every point increases Armor Penetration: 0.5 x Str
  • Agility
    • Attack/Spell Crit Chance: 5 + (Agi/[base Agi] - 1) x10
    • Evasion chance: 5(Agi/[base Agi] - 1) x 5
    • Every point increases attack speed by 2%
    • Spell Haste: (Agi/[base Agi] - 1) x 25%
  • Intelligence
    • Spell Crit damage multiplier: 1.5 + (Int/[base Int] - 1) x 0.2
    • Every point increases Spellpower by 1

Consitution and Wisdom Information

  • Constitution
    • Increases Health by 10 + skill level per level
    • Increases Health replenished by consuming a Health Potion by 10% per level
  • Wisdom
    • Increases Mana by 12 per level
    • Increases All Resistances by 2% per level
    • Increases Mana replenished by consuming a Mana Potion by 5% per level